We build great web sites for tiny budgets and in one day
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$3,999/web site

Built in 1 day
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Great Sites for Small Businesses and Professionals.
Costs Just $3,999 and Designed in One Day!

SameDayWebSite specializes in building web sites for small businesses and professionals, such as lawyers, financial planners/advisors, realtors, therapists, consultants, artists, etc.  Quite frankly, we've made it possible for you to have a quality web site even if you have a small budget. See some sites we've built, click here.

A professional web site is now simple, easy and affordable to have

Don't be baffled by jargon and "computer talk". They are annoying and unnecessary. We've made it our job to keep things simple for you.

  • We'll speak to you in plain English, no jargons.
  • We're fast, easy and affordable.
  • You'll see your site design within 1 business day.
  • Your site will look great, you'll look great.
  • It only costs $3,999 US.*
  • We offer 100% money back guarantee.
  • Plus, we can take care of promoting your site.

Custom designed just for you

SameDayWebSite will custom design a site that will:

  • Be appropriate for your business
  • Be easy for visitors to browse through
  • Have your own text that let visitors know about your company, your service, pricing, etc.
  • Have pictures and images that you supply us or we can supply them for free
  • Show your company logo, if you have one
  • Be in the colors of your choice

Don't settle for template designs or poor designs that are inappropriate for your business. See some sites we have redesigned, click here.

100% money back guarantee

We want you to love your web site. That's why we offer this money back guarantee

Let a professional web site speak for you

Your web site should enhance your company image, further build your credibility and get you new clients. Tell us the business you are in, your preferences for site design, and choose the colors you want and we will custom design a web site that represents you and speaks for you.

Contact us today to have your web site built in one day. 

*If you host your site with us at the standard rate of $299US per year.

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