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$3,999/web site

Built in 1 day
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About Us

We have a soft spot for small businesses and professionals

SameDayWebSite specializes in designing and hosting web sites for small businesses and professionals. We know how hard professionals and small business owners work and how you have to earn every thing. We are here to give you a break by offering our services at extremely affordable prices -- build you a quality web site for $3,999. SameDayWebSite is a small business too.

Top experience without the top dollars

Our two company founders have worked for major corporations and have over 40 years of marketing and design experience. Our web master has built over 300 web sites. We know how to position your company, make you stand out from your competition and deliver on your business objectives.

Great customer service

We speak English, not computer jargon. We de-mystify the process of having your web site built. We will build your site in one business day and frequently respond to our customers’ request the same day. Dealing with us makes your life simple. See our testimonials, click here.

100% money back guarantee

We want you to love your site. If you don’t like our design, we will give you all your money back. There is no reason why you should trade your hard earned money for a web site that you do not like, is there?

We are the official web site developer

SameDayWebSite is the official web site developer for clients of Divorce Marketing Group and Divorce Magazine, and is recommended by the Institute of Divorce Financial Analysts to its members.

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