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Hear how our clients rave about our design, service and speed:

Law Firm in Chula Vista/San Deigo, California
"You came strongly recommended and did not disappoint! I appreciate you providing me not only a website that has the personal touch I was looking for, but also helping me determine what message I wanted to deliver, and how to effectively get that message out through my site. Thankyou for being so responsive to my needs every step of the way."
Barney Connaughton, Family Lawyer, Mediator

Law Firm in Toronto, Canada
"Many thanks for your work on my website – I have had so many compliments about it – you were great to work with and your recomendations were spot on. Am soooo glad that I ‘retained ‘ you to assist me with this."
Nancy E. Macivor, Mediator/Arbitrator: Collaborative Family Lawyer


website for Carlson Marketing Group
Company brochure:
   for lawyers,
   for divorcing people.
"Thank you for the fast service and wonderful website. I find your prices extremely reasonable and the benefit of your site far exceeds the cost many times over. Your marketing ideas are invaluable and I look forward to developing additional web sites with you for other target markets. During the web site development process, you helped us look at the services we provide and really think about who our target market is. The brochure you have done for us mirrors our web site and ensures that we are consistent in communicating our services to our target markets.

I was very pleasantly surprised that after having my web site up for only 6 days, I received my first client. This really goes to show what can be done with a web site if it is designed by a marketing professional, like you, who knows what they are doing. Those people who think that a web site is a web site are greatly mistaken. The web site that some friend, neighbor or relative sets up may be very cheap and it is probably not worth what they paid for it. Thanks again and I look forward to working with you on additional projects."

Roderick C. Moe, CDFA™, CPAŽ, CrFa ,CVA,

website for Carlson Marketing Group
"I can't recommend SameDayWebSite highly enough.  In a time of internet 'smoke and mirrors' in which virtually everyone with a home computer is a web site designer, SameDayWebSite stands out for their practical and affordable approach to web site design and hosting. 

We have used SameDayWebSite to build and host six web sites for us.  The results are an outstanding combination of value, on-time delivery and, most importantly, effortlessness."

Cam Thomson, V.P. Carlson Marketing Group, Toronto, Canada
Carlson Membership Marketing,
HomeAdvantage, CardProtector,
Legal Sense,
Advise&Protect, TD Auto Club,

For Law Firm
"Thank you for all of your help with regard to the design of our logo and the FMBK website.  Almost everyday a potential new client, or opposing counsel comment on the professional look and the clear message delivered by our website, and our new logo.

Working with you and your staff has been a dream.  You really made my partners and me feel like we were part of the team in building and designing our website.  It is clear to me that the time you put into the website has really paid off.  Thank you for all of your hard work."

Steven A. Mindel, Managing Partner, Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

For Mediation Company
"Kudos to SameDayWebSite! There are many competent website builders that professionals may contract with. No doubt there are few, though, with the creativity and insight associated with the team at SameDayWebSite. The care, patience and input provided by this company are unparalleled.   The results were immediate and the return on investment exceeded expectation."
David Klegerman B.A., CHRP, Acc.F.M. (OAFM), Toronto, Canada

Financial Planner in New Jersey
"Thank you so much for the great job you did on my web site. I appreciate the input and suggestions you provided to help me design the web site just the way I wanted it. I wish I knew about you and your services sooner! Also, your support staff is very patient and helpful. John Cito"
John Cito, CDFA, Financial Planner, Hackensack, New Jersey , USA

portfolio47.jpg (13591 bytes)
"Getting my website done by SameDayWebSite was like waving a magic wand.  Presto!  There's my website!"
Kris Dwyer, CDFA, Financial Planner, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Financial Planner in Texas
"I am delighted with my website. They were so patient with my questions and concerns, never once making me feel as computer-illiterate as I am! This was a truly painless, affordable way to have a great looking website quickly. "
Jan Demetri, CDFA, CPA, Austin, Texas, USA

web site for Divorce Financial Analyst
"SameDayWebSite is the easiest and least expensive way to have a professional looking web site.   I used their services to build both of my web sites.  

I couldn't believe how simple it was to build a professional looking web site using SDWS. They gave me my web site in ONE day.  In addition to being fast, it was easy and inexpensive.  Everyone is able to have a great looking site at this price!   With their services, there is no good reason not to have a web site!"

A. Natalie Nelson MBA, CDFA, LLC, Boulder, Colorado, USA,

Financial Planner in Florida
"I was extremely satisfied with the speed and quality of the service provided by They offered a complete package at an affordable price. They were very attentive to my needs and worked closely with me to get the webpage I desired."
Daniel G. Elie, CDFA, CFP™, Dagel Financial Inc, Miami, Florida, USA

Law Firm in Toronto, Canada
"SameDayWebSite provided excellent and efficient service in establishing our law firm web site. They were responsive to our needs, and worked with us to create the image we wished to project. I highly recommend SameDayWebSite.
Ken Nathens, Nathens, Siegel, LLP , Toronto, Canada

portfolio75.jpg (22061 bytes)
"Hi Martha, this is the third re-design of our company web site and I have to say that I procrastinated for some time before calling you, having gone through the process a couple of times. Working with you was enjoyable and everything moved along quickly. I've had many positive comments about our new web site and am very pleased with it. Thanks for all your help!"
Don Frisby, President, Frisby Tire Co. (1974) Limited, Ottawa, Ontario

Personal Coach in Toronto, Canada
"Professionalism and patience come to mind immediately when I think of SameDayWebSite. They understand how to make the process as painless as possible. And by listening carefully, especially to what we weren’t saying, they overcame our resistance, inexperience and second thoughts and created a finished product of which we are most proud. Thank you, for taking us on and doing what it takes…with such ease and finesse.”
Nellie Vieira, true to the core, Toronto, Canada

Real Estate
"From the first glimpse of our new web site and logo designed by Martha and Gina at SameDayWebSite, I felt like a winner. The large number of compliments that I have received from the people who have visited the site was amazing.
Our business has increased markedly during the eighteen months since the site was introduced. We believe that our website can be credited for a fair portion of the rising number of sales. The price was more than reasonable and the quality was excellent. The speed was stunning. I only wish that all of our service providers possessed the same qualities. "
Leland Bray, President, Platino Real Estate, Mexico

For an artist - Musician
"The image produced for me by samedaywebsite went beyond my wildest expectations. The color selection, the collages, the content, the style itself was as if they lived inside my brain and understood things I couldn't even describe. Their great patience and unlimited skill have given me a website that has already produced endless accolades and compliments among my friends and clients. They worked with great speed and accuracy in producing exactly what I needed to promote myself as an artist. I can't imagine ever turning to anyone else to produce a website for me in any future venue I may get involved in. Thank You! "
Bobby Hamilton, Professional Musician, Arizona, USA

portfolio20.jpg (17031 bytes)
"I've wanted a web site for a long time but I kept putting it off because it seemed so complicated and confusing.  You made it easy and simple for me.  You designed my site faster than I could get my picture to you.

And a big THANK YOU for your patience and going beyond your call of duties in helping me out whenever I need it."

Andy Freemark, Realtor, Toronto, Canada

website for small business
"Amazing speed and great work. SameDayWebSite actually built my site in one day!  No one can beat your price either.  I would not have been able to afford a professional looking site if not for you. Thanks for making it simple and for your continuous support since the site was built. Thanks for always getting back to me."
Len Nelson, Small Business Owner, Toronto, Canada

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